i spent a super long time when i was younger dressing like a boy and wearing like 7 layers to try to hide the fact that puberty had hit me hard in the chest area, and even though i’ve started dressing more like i’m aware of my gender i still don’t “show off” and i definitely feel self conscious sometimes
i bring this up because last night i posted a picture on my facebook fan page to show photographic evidence of the longest hair i’ve ever had. my boobs happened to be in this picture. actually my boobs are in most pictures of me as they are on my body. but here you can see the tops of them and the space between them. The reaction swung between actual replies to my hair and “NOM NOM NOM” which is obviously gross but the ones that got to me were like this: “I love ya and your voice, but you dont have to resort to showing tons of cleavage…” 
and “Dear Julia, you do not know me but i would like to ask that you remove this photo. You are Beautiful! YES! But you are beautiful without showing off the ladies. You are worth more than any of the comments guys are writing you here. And we as women need to help the men in the world by not being a stumbling block for them. They have a hard enough time keeping images out of their heads with out us showing them more than they need to see. We need to respect them in their issues and we as women need to respect our own bodies, knowing our incredible beauty and immense worth without drawing the comments out of guys by showing ourselves off. I hope i have not offended you. I just hope with all my heart that you know how precious and beautiful you are as a whole person and young woman… not just breasts or hair.”
look dudes. i dont really get that upset about stupid comments, and believe me, these facebook conversations have nothing on the flame wars that happen on youtube, but it really grinds my gears when people think i’ve done something that lowers my integrity. My boobs have nothing to do with my integrity, and I can have respect for myself while they are visible to the world. I have boobs and gross comments are going to get made on youtube and facebook and while i walk by men on the street, but that does not compel me to revert to the wardrobe of my younger years: 2 sports bras, 2 crew neck shirts and sometimes a hoodie. I’ve broken out of that shell and i’m not going back.
I say embrace your womanhood, and draw the line wherever you feel comfortable. Don’t let other people tell you that you’ve lowered yourself when you know you haven’t.
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      Fuck yeah, Julia Nunes.
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      yes. a thousand times this. i get a lot of comments on how i dress because i tend to show a lot of cleavage/my bra...
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      i spent a super long time when i was younger dressing like a boy and wearing like 7 layers to try to hide the fact that...
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      I get weird comments like this at work sometimes. I try to keep it work appropriate but you know what. I love my boobs....
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